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5 Things that will Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

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Air pollution is found both outside and inside the house. The good news is that we can improve the quality of our indoor air with just a few simple steps.

Maintain your ventilation equipment properly

In order for the air flow to circulate as well as possible, and therefore for the pollutants to escape from the housing, it is first necessary to check that the air inlets and the extraction vents are not blocked. It is recommended to regularly clean the various equipment dedicated to ventilation.

“Most of them are removable, so don’t hesitate to remove them for maintenance,” encourages Jean-Frédéric Bailey. Ventilation grids, for example, can easily be cleaned, but you still have to think about it!

In the event of severe clogging, the filter can be changed, a simple operation within everyone’s reach.

Adopt the right gestures in the kitchen

The kitchen is a particularly sensitive part of the home in terms of pollutant emissions. ‘Cooking food can cause the emission of VOCs’, warns the Quality Association in a brochure bringing together practical advice to reduce indoor air pollution at home. ‘The exposure of the occupants to the vapors and fumes that emerge is then daily and their toxicity has been demonstrated during laboratory experiments’. This is why it is strongly recommended ventilating this room very regularly and to be equipped with an efficient hood.

It is also recommended avoiding certain cooking methods, which are more polluting than others, such as frying, for example.

Air your accommodation regularly, especially the bedroom

To allow stale air to escape from your home, it should be ventilated at least twice a day for 10 minutes. ‘It is essential to ventilate the room well because it is a room very loaded with carbon dioxide’, explains Jean-Frédéric Bailey, director of studies and research within the Quality Association. ‘By opening your windows in the morning, you make the emanations of the night disappear and by opening them in the evening, those of the day,’ he continues.

5 Things that will Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Certain exceptional circumstances necessitate increasing the ventilation periods, this is particularly the case during work or intensive kitchen assignments.

Remember: it is not recommended ventilating your home in the event of a pollution peak. Also be careful if your accommodation is located in town, along a busy thoroughfare. In this case, do not ventilate during peak hours.

Understand how your home’s ventilation works

Understanding how the ventilation of your home works is essential to know how the air circulates inside and where the outside air comes from. “The better we understand how the air exchanges between the interior and the exterior take place, the better we can act so that they take place in good conditions,” assures Bailey.

Where are the air inlets and outlets? What devices have been installed and where? So many questions that occupants should ask themselves when settling into the accommodation.

Monitor the appearance of mold

Mold can adversely affect indoor air quality. It is therefore very important to carefully monitor the rooms in which they are likely to grow. If it causes material damage in the accommodation, humidity also causes health problems for the occupants: rheumatism, osteoarthritis, asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases … As reported by William Coignard, according to a survey by The Pasteur Institute, ‘nearly 85% of asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis are due to excessively humid homes’.

To prevent them from appearing, it should be checked that the home has good ventilation and that the devices supposed to renew the indoor air are working well. You should also avoid drying your laundry indoors.

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