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Britney Spears worries fans with a shocking new post

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While the singer has once again mentioned her good resolutions for 2021, several of her fans believe that the publication does not come from her.

Britney Spears is talked about on social networks. The star has again worried his fans after having published Tuesday, February 2 a video in which she announces her four resolutions for the year 2021. Some Internet users are worried about her health.

Wide-eyed Britney Spears is filmed from above and seems restless and feverish as she lists her goals for the year 2021. “First, meditate more. Second, take a cooking class,” says the American. Third, do Pilates and take classes. And in fourth grade, I’m pretty skeptical of the ice cream diet.

Disturbing videos

Many of the star’s subscribers were intrigued by his gaze or his nervousness. Especially since this video is in fact added to many others where the star dances, fidgets, but always with the same blank gaze.

These clues might not matter much if they weren’t on top of the very strange atmosphere that has reigned on Britney Spears’ social accounts for several months.

Free Britney

Her TikTok and Instagram accounts are inundated with videos where she dances, walks, poses, but appears elsewhere. It did not take more to alarm the knights of the #FreeBritney movement (“Free Britney”) who claim that the singer’s activity on social networks is also controlled, which would give rise to publications that she does not control, and that would betray her condition.

The creation of this movement dates back to 2019 and denounces the curatorship imposed by the father of Britney Spears since 2008. This influence would give the singer of “Toxic” “the legal status of an 8-year-old child”. Last August, she asked to be released from the tutelage of her father.

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